Cole Tucker-Walton

Writing and visual art. Currently: Adapting a 170-year-old satirical American novel.

I did undergraduate work in writing, film, visual art, and psychology at Yale and Goddard, and afterward spent a few graduate terms studying psychotherapy at NYU.

I was born in New York City and grew up in the woods in Connecticut with a Koosh Vortex Mega Howler and a DK illustrated book about Dracula, which I begged my parents to hide in a dusty cabinet, which made it creepier. Many years later, I myself came out of the closet.
One day at the art museum, our boss’s young son was telling my coworkers what they’d be if they were animals: eagles, lions. A coworker said, “What about Cole?” The boy looked at me, smiled mischievously, and said, “A log.
instagram: @coco.coley

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